Services Offered

I am currently accepting a limited number of new clients. If you're interested to see if we are a good fit, schedule a Discovery Session.  I offer in-person, phone or video appointments to serve clients locally and all over the world. 

*My office is located on the second floor.  If you are unable to take the stairs, please message me to arrange a time to use an office downstairs for your visit. 


Discovery Session (all new clients-start here)

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— 25 Minutes, $15

Whether you're sure you want to work with me or you're on the fence, this is the first step.

We'll discuss your goals and talk about how we'‘ll work together, and what you can expect.

* If you decide to work with me, your $15 will go toward your sessions.  If you must cancel, kindly give 72 hours notice for refund eligibility.

Signature Packages

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— 50 Minute bi-weekly Sessions, 3 Months billed in monthly installments

— 50 Minute bi-weekly Sessions, 6 Months billed in monthly installments

This package will give you a great base to work from in supporting the foundations of your health.

We’ll cover your history in depth at the first appointment, and identify your short and long term goals.

The following appointments will be custom to you and your needs.

At each session you will leave with 1-3 small actionable steps. Breaking down the steps to change over time will set you up for long term success. These notes will be in a written summary accessible through my client portal.

Small steps add up to big changes over time, which is why having support is key to your success. With this package you have access to me between sessions through my private HIPAA compliant client portal.

If you’ve already had your Discovery Session and want to sign up for a package, click the button below to email Aypril.

Hourly Appointments after 3 or 6 month package

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— 25 or 50 Minute Sessions

Hourly appointments are scheduled after a client completes a 3+ month package.

*If you haven’t been seen in 3 months an additional $50 surcharge will be added to allow me to review your current situation and changes in health.

Established clients-sign in to Practice Better schedule.

Action Against Alzheimer’s Classes

— 1.5-2 Hours, 8 weeks $399 individual, $599 couples

This is an eight-week online course, designed to empower you with diet and lifestyle changes to make to guard yourself against Alzheimer’s

  • Weeks 1-3 - MIND What You Eat - Introduces the importance of diet in maintaining excellent brain health

  • Week 4 - Optimize Your Gut - We’ll discuss the importance of good gut health and how it’s crucial to maintaining good brain health

  • Week 5 - Stress Reduction - Introduction to the effects of stress on the body and mind, with practical ideas on how to manage it

  • Week 6 - Sleep - Understand the benefits of a good night’s sleep in helping repair and restore your brain, and how to improve sleep

  • Week 7 - Exercise - The benefits of exercise in maintaining the vitality of your brain as you age

  • Week 8 - Brain Training - The benefits of brain training and which activities stimulate brain function

Click link to email Aypril for more information on the next offering.

RESTART® Classes


—  1.5 hours, 5 weeks $197 individual, $297 couples

This is a five-week group class (limit 12 participants) with a 3 week sugar detox built in.

We will cover topics the topics of:

  • Digestion

  • Blood sugar regulation

  • Fats

  • Moving forward and bring foods back into your diet after your detox

For more information on current classes: