Aypril Porter, NTP, RWP

Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition™

Aypril Porter, NTP, RWP, BCHN


Continuing Education

Restorative Wellness Solutions-Functional Blood Chemistry Course; May-July 2018

Geovital Online workshop for Radiation Shielding and Assessment Feb 18-19 & 25- 26, 2018

Reversing Cognitive Decline: Advanced Clinical Training in Treating MCI and Early Alzheimer’s Disease – In collaboration with Dale Bredesen, MD, and MPI Cognition (ACT); Institute for Functional Medicine Dec 2-3, 2017

Holistic Nutrition Lab-Digestive Intensive; with Andrea Nakayama July-Aug 2017

Keto Practitioner Training Intensive; with Carole Freeman March 21-23 2017

Inneractive Healing Systems; The Art of Muscle Testing; February 17-20, 2017

Bioindividual Nutrition Institute; Foundations Course-specialized diets; June-Oct 2016

Holistic Mineral Balancing; HTMA training; Feb-May 2016

Restorative Wellness Solutions- Level Three; HTMA, Thyroid, Immune, Autoimmune, Nov. 2015-Jan 2016 

Morphogenic Field Technique-Advanced with Frank Springob, DC; Sept. 2015

Morphogenic Field Technique-Basic with Frank Springob, DC; Sept. 2015

MTHFR and Methylation Training with Colleen Walsh; April 2015

Heavy Metal Detox, presented by Caron DeVita, 2015

Nutritional Therapy Association; Group Leader for Olympia, WA class of 2015

Functional Blood Chemistry Class; Presented by Dr. Abaas Qutaab, Portland, OR Oct. 2014

Restorative Wellness Solutions; Level One and Two; GI, MRT, Male and Female Hormones, Special DietsSept. 2014-Jan. 2015

Mental Health Study Group by Biotics, May 8, 2014

Nutritional Therapy Association; Nutritional Therapy Practitioner™ Graduated June 2014

Concorde Career Institute; Limited X-Ray Technician, Portland, OR Graduated 2001

Abdill Career College; Medical Assistant, Medford, OR Graduated 2000

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Your genes tell the story of your past. You decide the story of your future.
— Aypril Porter

Hi, I’m Aypril Porter!

I’m here to help you realize that the genes for disease that you inherited do not have to be your destiny.

My personal mission is to help you stop fearing the worst, and start empowering yourself with education and dietary changes to help you change your odds of developing “that” disease that “runs in your family”.

It’s time for you to realize how much power lies in your own hands, no matter how many people in your family have “that” disease.  You can be the one who changes the odds.

You know what? I used to live in fear too.  I feared that one day I would have a debilitating disease because it “runs in my family” too.

You see, my family history is filled with autoimmune illnesses, diabetes, dementia, and more.

Not too long ago I was probably like you:  Worried about my health and that of my loved ones. Worn out, worried and in fear of what was to come.  

I tried to be healthy.  I adopted a vegetarian and then a vegan diet for a couple of years, and initially felt great, but after nearly two years, my health really deteriorated.

I began having panic attacks, insomnia, brain fog, and more.  I was only 33 and had never experienced these things before.

It was scary.

I began to fear that I too, would be diagnosed with something similar to those I loved most.

So, I decided to have my genetics tested.  As it turns out (surprise!) I shared a lot of the same DNA traits as those in my family with autoimmune illnesses and Alzheimer’s.  I have the gene most at risk of developing Alzheimer’s. Two out of two of them.

Crap. Now what?

You see, I thought that just because we had the same genes, are in the same family, that my health would suffer the same fate. We are born with the genes we have.  We can’t change them, right?

Or can we?

When I learned about epigenetics - the study of genes and how our environmental and dietary exposures and choices CHANGE our gene expression, I saw hope.

Hope for a future of my own design.

Only 25% of disease results from our hardwired genes.  The other 75%? That’s due to environmental exposures, dietary choices, and nutrients that affect the expression of those genes.

Did you hear that?

We have control of over 75% of what affects disease development!  We can change our chances of developing a disease.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to wait for that disease to show up and then just try to manage the symptoms.  I want to kick its ass and thrive!

When I discovered Nutritional Therapy, things finally started to change for me.  I began bringing in more foods that nourished my body and worked on my digestion (which I didn’t even realize needed fixing!) and my health expanded!  

No longer did I need naps just to get through the day.  I was sleeping at night and able to spend the time with my children that they deserved.  The more I learned, the more I wanted to learn.

My diet and lifestyle continue to evolve for supporting whatever my body/life is challenging me with.  

I became a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner because I wanted to help people just like you...Women who have so much more left to do in this lifetime and want to be as healthy as possible doing it!  Women who want to nourish not just themselves, but who want to teach their children how to be healthy and how to understand what their body’s are telling them.

Our bodies speak to us every day, through the aches, pains, allergies, and through things like anxiety, depression, and mental fatigue.  We have to come back to a place of understanding that these are not simply annoyances to be silenced, but sacred messengers giving us an opportunity to change our health and THRIVE again.

We are the caretakers.  But first, we must take care of ourselves.

Schedule a Discovery Session with me to see if you’re ready for nutritional therapy to change your life. 

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