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Living Matters Nutrition is holistic bio-individual nutrition, focusing on Alzheimers prevention, metabolic issues, and brain health, as well as nutritional balancing through hair mineral analysis.  

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Learn more about the services we offer.  One on one consultations, and group classes offer various approaches to fit your needs and lifestyle. 

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What Is Hair Mineral Testing?

HTMA can reveal nutritional patterns such as metabolic rate, heavy metal excretion, digestive strength, adrenal and thyroid patterns and more. 

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Located within Vibrant Health in West Olympia.  We often collaborate with other practitioners in the building to support your whole being. 


We take the stress out of figuring out what dietary approach would best suit your goals.  We meet clients where they are in their journey and work to support them in living their healthiest life.

— Aypril Porter, NTP, RWP

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